Early-Stage Technology Development

We are technology experts and know how to tackle tough problems. Let us help you expand your core technical capabilities by assisting in conceptualization of new products, strengthening existing product positions and increasing product output.

R&D Collaboration

We work collaboratively with corporate science and capture managers to increase your
innovation bandwidth and deliver over the full technology development spectrum, from ideation to finished product installation.

Physical Sciences

Our scientific team specializes
in advanced materials, electro-optics, device chemistry and physics. A multi-disciplinary viewpoint is applied to every technical challenge encountered during experimental design, implementation and validation testing.

System Engineering

Our engineering staff can deliver at all levels of product development, from layout to industrial design. Let us help you set your next high-value-added system instrumentation development project in motion.

Portfolio Capabilities

Our effectiveness as an early-stage technology development partner stems from our dedication to innovation. Let us show you how years of our own technology innovation can be applied to enhance your product performance and open up new product opportunities.


Argus is an advanced laser-threat warning system designed to detect and characterize coherent radiation incident on aircraft and other aerospace assets, including cockpit illumination characterization.
Zowave is an advanced wavefront detection system designed for real-time correction of scene image aberrations caused by atmospheric turbulence.
Thermotran is developing next-generation waste energy (heat) and cooling devices based on solid-state thermoelectrics manufactured using high-throughput processing. Its large-area conformable devices are configurable for maximum thermal management/energy extraction in automotive, aerospace, industrial and sensor applications.
Omniscense Diagnostics is developing a compact, multiplex gas and ion sensor array technology that can monitor the real-time dynamics of sampling environments using direct electrical read-out of derivitized sensor arrays.
sunperch solar
Sunperch Solar is developing a revolutionary concentrator solar-cell array technology that will maximum levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for next-generation photovoltaic power collection systems.
X-Alarm is an advanced counterfeit and tamper-monitoring technology that integrates directly at the logic level of microelectronic devices.  X-Alarm denies adversaries the ability to disrupt or defeat military electronic systems.
Austin OPtical Innovations
AOI is Nanohmics' electro-optic and optical coating product arm. Products range from AR window coatings, custom thin-film deposition, BRDF scatterometry and custom illumination sources for spectroscopy applications.
Austin power systems
Austin Power Systems provides R&D and design services for automotive applications, including engine performance, fuel conservation and novel waste-energy recovery systems.
Austin Control systems
Austin Control Systems is an operating division of Nanohmics dedicated to the development of custom electronics for instrumentation, sensors and other device platforms. Custom controller interfaces are available, including single-channel thermoelectric controllers and power management devices.
GlideLine Systems is a military parachutist guidance system that has been jumped over 10,000 times by military special forces. The commercial version of the system will launch on May 15, 2014. For details, go to glidelinesystems.com.
Faradox Energy Storage Devices is a spinoff technology with a focus on development of high-energy density capacitors for the oil and gas, automotive and aerospace industries. For details, go to faradox.com.
Biosentinel Diagnostics is developing the ESB, an environmental sentinel biosensor for water-toxicity monitoring. The company is a partnership between Nanohmics, Inc. and Biosentinel, Inc.

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